Cookie- and privacy policy

From May 25, 2018, the new European data protection regulations will take effect. As a result of these regulations, we are compelled to report what Thermen R does to your personal details.


Thermen R respects your privacy and we do everything we can to guarantee the reliability, safety and integrity of the data collected by us.

Your data is securely stored in a non-publicly accessible database.

Your transaction data is encrypted (using SSL or a secure server) over the Internet so that it can not be used by other people.

You will then find an overview and the necessary information regarding the processing and protection of the data you provide, as well as your rights with a view to protecting the individual within the GDPR in a transparent, concise and understandable form.

Processing manager

Viane Rik (Thermen R) Kaasterstraat 44 8800 Roeselare

Right to information

I.v.m. personal information on the website

Since you have to give voluntary and explicit approval for keeping track of your data, at The Paper Plane we have opted for a check for the completion of the order, where you agree that:

-> Your account details are kept and processed, you have read the general and privacy conditions

At Thermen R, only information is kept which is obtained from the customer and serves to execute the order or delivery.

Through the opt-in you as a customer give permission to keep your details with a view to future reservations.

I.v.m. personal data in the thermal baths.

When you visit Thermen R, we ask for your identity card. The identity card is read in and your name and first name are linked to a wristband. With this wristband you can open and close your box.

Everything that you use that day is scanned on your wristband during the day. When you leave Thermen R your wristband will be scanned and your bill will be made.

Then we disconnect the wristband so that it is emptied back and your name is removed.

The details of the identity card are only used within Thermen R to be able to serve you more efficiently on a new visit.

Despite the fact that Thermen R takes all appropriate measures to store and protect the (personal) data in its possession in a correct and efficient manner, Thermen R can not fully guarantee the protection of any information in its possession.

Your choice and rights regarding your personal data

You always have the right to ask Thermen R if your personal data have been processed. If so, you have the right to view the personal data. You can always have your data changed, erased, limit the processing of your data and / or object to the processing of your personal data (in accordance with article 16/17/18 AVG / GDPR).

Note that aggregated data will not be deleted, since it is not possible to use this data to reduce to one specific person.

You also have the right to obtain personal data in a structured, current and machine-readable form for and to transfer it to another party (in accordance with article 20 AVG / GDPR).

Finally, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data (in accordance with article 21 AVG / GDPR) and automated decision-making (in accordance with article 22 AVG / GDPR).

The requirement to communicate personal data

In view of the nature of the service, Thermen R can only offer you services if you agree to share your personal data with Thermen R. Thermen R is also aware of this and therefore considers privacy and respect for your personal data to be of paramount importance.

Changes to the privacy statement

Thermen R can modify and / or update this privacy statement in due time. You are therefore advised to review this privacy statement again.