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Sauna Vereniging België

In 2001, the Sauna Association of Belgium (SVB) was established as a professional organization. Over the years, SVB has become a quality hallmark for saunas. With an SVB membership, the sauna operators guarantee that their facilities comply with the prescribed rules in terms of hygiene and safety, as described in the legislation.

By visiting an SVB sauna, you choose a quality sauna that is in order with all regulations. You choose a sauna that goes out of your way to give you the ultimate sauna and wellness experience.


"AUFGUSS-WM" is an interest group of sauna companies. The most important task of the group is to organize and continue to develop the World Championship Showdown (also called Aufguss) for an international audience.

The aim is to provide the sauna visitor with a qualitatively as high as possible level of infusion. The championship offers the so-called pouring or Aufgussmeesters the opportunity to develop their skills and to present their own shows. International exchanges such as the "UPGRADE World Cup" promote the mutual understanding between the masters from all over the world and within the sauna industry in general.

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