Does sauna increase your natural resistance?

By going to the sauna every week your resistance is considerably higher. Because of the temperature changes your body is hardened and waste products are removed. You are more resistant to diseases and the body will resist itself.

What does sauna do to your skin?

By perspiring your pores are thoroughly cleaned and dead skin cells are loosened. The blood circulation is strongly stimulated giving you a nice and fresh shade as a result.

Can you go to the sauna when you are pregnant?

When you feel good you can always go to the sauna. Of course, it is necessary during the first three months to be careful. Then you should mainly listen to your own body and consult with a doctor if there is any doubt. Pregnant women also receive an appropriate treatment for treatments. Massage of the back happens for example when you lie on the side and the abdomen is well supported.

Which dress code applies to the sauna?

That code literally has nothing to do with the body. In the Thermen you are welcome in Adam or Evako costume. In the rest room and the living room it is mandatory to wear a bathrobe.

What is a sauna cycle?

This is the sauna ritual that you go through a few times. Every visit you start with showering to purify the skin. Take a steam bath to open the pores and allow the body to warm up gradually. If you are at temperature go into the sauna and start with a low temperature (eg infrared sauna, meditation sauna). After a 15-minute sauna visit, it is important to cool down properly. This can be done by a cold shower, the cold plunge bath or a refreshing dip in the swimming pond. After all this, it is recommended to let your body rest. Read a newspaper in the silence room or have a drink in the living room and you can go all the way again to start at the starting point.

What do you need?

To do a sauna visit you need time. Take the time to relax and with us you can easily spend 6 to 7 hours with lots of possibilities. In addition, you also need two towels to lie on and dry off. A bathrobe and slippers are also mandatory requirements.

How can the sauna promote your health?

Due to temperature changes the resistance is improved and the body can better defy the cold. The energy level will also increase so you quickly feel fitter.

Can you prevent skin aging with a sauna visit?

The skin is optimally purified in the sauna. Blood vessels and pores open, causing excessive sebum and dust to disappear from the outside. As a result, the skin renews faster and becomes softer, smoother and is better perfused and nourished, so that the aging process slows down. Because of this you will get wrinkles less quickly.

What is scrub and what is it good for?

Scrubbing with salt in the provided scrub cabin is simple and fast, resulting in a beautiful new skin! Scrubbing, or exfoliating, ensures that the top layer of skin is abraded, so that radiant, soft skin with fewer wrinkles appears. In the summer, the tanning process is faster and you retain a deep brown color longer.

Why is bathing wear unhealthy?

Bathing clothes in the sauna ensure that the skin can not breathe. By bathing clothes you close certain parts of the body completely so that the skin can overheat. The terry cloth becomes extremely hot and it can burn or irritate the skin.

Can sleep problems be solved with a visit to the thermal baths?

People today are often tired and need rest and relaxation. Use of sauna reduces fatigue and stress, so you can sleep better. Not only is your body cleansed but you also get the chance to completely free your mind. A regular visit to the sauna can even improve serious sleeping problems.

Can you go to the sauna when you have a cold?

The steam bath is very good for people with a cold. The steam and the smell that hangs there make the airways completely free. The other saunas also have a positive effect on airways and breathing. Soon the nose is free and you can breathe it.

What is a duo treatment?

Very popular are our treatments in duo. Couples, friends, girlfriends, colleagues get treatment in the same room side by side. They experience the intensity of the treatment together and share their findings at the same time.

What is a massage good for?

With a massage, intensive work is done with the muscles. Muscles are kneaded to warm the body and improve blood flow. With a massage, a stiff neck or aching muscles can quickly improve after exercise. We should also not forget the relaxing effect. People dream away with a soft music and forget all their worries, so it has not missed its effect on the mind!

Are children allowed to go to the sauna?

Children are certainly welcome with us under the guidance of the parents. Not only adults but also children benefit from a sauna visit. Children often find it pleasant, it is something different.

Are people with rheumatism allowed to come to the sauna?

For people with rheumatism, we have our infrared sauna which is very favorable for muscles and joints. The infrared rays make joints smoother and the pain is relieved. Even though our other saunas may be used by rheumatism patients without being bothered by them.

May people over 60 take a sauna visit?

Going to the sauna is no age.

What are singing bowls?

Singing bowls are copper-colored bowls, which produce a unique sound when striking, which is usually experienced as very penetrating, beautiful and special.

Can anyone attend a singing bowl session or singing bowls meditation?

We recommend this for people with heart disease (pacemaker), brain injuries, epilepsy, cancer, dementia, varicose veins, depression, suspicious nodules, fever and after a thrombosis.

What are chakras?

The chakras (Sankrite for "wheel") can be compared to a type of energy source, which absorbs energy and releases energy through energy channels that flow through the body.

What are auras?

People, animals, plants and objects are enveloped by an energy field called aura.

What is meditation?

In our view, meditation is a technique that allows us to relax our body and mind and also to free our minds from unnecessary thoughts and brain activity.

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